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Howard Behrens, The Artist
(1933 - 2014)

One of America's beloved impressionistic artist, capturing scene's rather than reproducing it in exact detail.

Howard Behrens was an American artist known for his vibrant and colorful oil paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, and coastal scenes. He was born on August 20, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois, and passed away on April 14, 2014, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Behrens studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and worked as a commercial artist before transitioning to fine art painting. He became well known for using the palette knife, which he used to create bold and textured strokes in his paintings. Throughout his career, Behrens painted scenes from around the world, including Italy, France, Greece, and the Caribbean. He was particularly fond of painting the Mediterranean coast and often depicted Italy's Amalfi Coast's picturesque towns and harbors.

Behrens' work is exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and internationally, and his paintings are found in private and public collections worldwide. He received numerous awards and honors during his career, including being named a "Living Legend" by the United States Artists Foundation.

In addition to his painting, Behrens was also a published author and photographer. He wrote several books on art and photography, including "Howard Behrens' An Artist in Venice" and "Howard Behrens' An Artist in Provence," which showcased his paintings and photographs from his travels. Overall, Howard Behrens was a celebrated artist who left behind a rich legacy of colorful and evocative paintings that continue to captivate viewers worldwide.

Howard Behrens.jpg

Howard Behrens the artist.

Howard Behrens' painting career began after he moved to California in the 1960s. At the time, he worked as a successful commercial artist, creating designs for advertising agencies and major corporations. In California, Behrens began experimenting with oil painting in his spare time. He found that he had a natural talent for painting and became increasingly interested in pursuing a career as a fine artist. Finally, in 1977, he left his career as a commercial artist and dedicated himself entirely to painting.

Behrens' early paintings were inspired by the natural beauty of California's coastlines and deserts. He often painted en plein air, or "in the open air," working outdoors to capture the colors and textures of the landscape in real-time.

Behrens' work quickly gained recognition, and he began exhibiting his paintings in galleries and art shows throughout the United States. He also started to develop a following among collectors who appreciated his bold and colorful style.

As Behrens' career progressed, he expanded his subject matter to include scenes from around the world, including Italy, France, and Greece. He continued to refine his technique, experimenting with different painting methods and materials to achieve his signature textured style.

Behrens remained dedicated to his craft throughout his career, often spending hours in his studio daily. His passion and commitment to painting are evident in the vibrant and evocative works of art that he created.

Magic of Venice II Embellished - Italy.JPG

It is difficult to say what Howard Behrens' favorite painting was, as he created many works of art throughout his career, each with its unique meaning and significance. However, Behrens was known to have a particular affinity for the Mediterranean coast and painted scenes of the region throughout his career. In particular, he often depicted the picturesque towns and harbors of Italy's Amalfi Coast, with its brightly colored buildings, sparkling blue waters, and dramatic cliffs.

One of Behrens' most famous paintings is "Amalfi Afternoon," which captures the idyllic beauty of the Amalfi Coast in vivid detail. The painting features a view of the town of Amalfi, with its white buildings and colorful boats set against a backdrop of cliffs and a bright blue sky.

In interviews, Behrens spoke about his love for the Amalfi Coast and his inspiration from its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. He often traveled to the region to paint en plein air and capture the essence of the landscape in his art. While we can't say for sure what his favorite painting was, Behrens' works reveal a deep love and appreciation for the natural world and a desire to capture its beauty and vitality in his paintings.

Isle of Capri by Howard Behrens

Howard Behrens was known for his artistic talent and ability to capture a place's essence in his paintings. While he may not be widely known for his quotes, he did offer some insights into his artistic process and philosophy over the years. Here are a few examples:

  1. "I paint the beauty I see in the world."

  2. This quote speaks to Behrens' belief that his role as an artist was to capture the beauty and vitality of the natural world in his paintings. He believed his paintings could remind us of the wonder and majesty of the world around us. "My paintings are a celebration of life." 

  3. Behrens saw his art as a celebration of life, an opportunity to capture the essence of a place or moment in time and share it with others. He believed his paintings could uplift and inspire viewers, reminding them of the joy and beauty of existence. "Painting is a language, and the brush is the pen."

This quote speaks to Behrens' belief in the power of art to communicate emotions and ideas. He saw painting as a form of language, with the brush as a tool for expressing the artist's vision and message. Overall, Howard Behrens' quotes reflect his deep love and appreciation for the natural world and his desire to capture its beauty and vitality in his art.

Howard and Judi Behrns

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