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PSA Authentication & Grading Services

Kaufman & Kaufman authenticates every asset by utilizing our experts, that draw on over 100 years of combined experience. We also offer clients the option to have a third-party authentication company confirm our authentication.


This can be a valuable service for clients who want to invest in hard assets but may not have the expertise to authenticate the assets themselves. In addition, clients can have more confidence in their investment by providing both our authentication and third-party authentication options.


It's essential to ensure our clients understand that the third-party authentication companies we utilize are reputable and industry leaders in their fields. They have an excellent track record of accurate and reliable authentication. In addition, Kaufman & Kaufman is transparent with our clients about the process and our fees associated with third-party authentication. Overall, offering this service is another way to build our client trust and establish our business as a reliable source for hard asset investment opportunities.

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Please use the form below to let us know what asset you would like to have submitted for 3rd party authentication, and one of our asset concierges will assist you. Or call us at +1-(800) 798-9636.

Thanks for submitting!

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