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Sethi Couture Designer Jewelry

Meet the designers.

Sethi Couture was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by designing sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi with a simple philosophy of "Elevate the Everyday."

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Our Path to Jewelry

Raised by parents who are purveyors of rare and unusual diamonds, Pratima and Prerna were surrounded by the most exquisite stones at an early age. So their childhood included an education in antique, vintage cuts, and rare natural color diamonds. However, the idea of a career in traditional jewelry took time for their stars. So instead, they set out on a different path.


After receiving her MBA, Pratima began a career with a luxury brand, and Prerna pursued her interest in the apparel industry after studying architecture. Yet, their desire to design elevated everyday essentials with the identical diamonds they grew up admiring could not be ignored. So, in 2009, Sethi Couture launched its first fine jewelry collection.

"Jewelry was always part of our lives, part of our culture. We grew up around incredible women who celebrated jewelry in their everyday lives. But we were captivated by the deeper heritage side of jewelry, the timeless pieces that told a story with an elegant nod to the past."

Sethi Couture Diamond and Gold Rings.jpg

A Brand was Born

Sethi Couture launched with a series of unexpected colors of diamond bands: champagne, pink, green, yellow, and black, and quickly evolved into a collection of classic and contemporary stacking bands that can be worn together in endless ways to showcase your unique style. 


Designed to be paired with family heirlooms or your personal collection of rings, the Sethi stacks are where old meets new.


Whether it is a meaningful reminder of a milestone in your life or a way to celebrate your journey, each Sethi Couture band tells your story of the past, the present, and the future that can be cherished daily. 

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Elevate the Everyday

"It's all in the details. We covet the small things in architecture when traveling, the art of imperfection in the interiors of places, the intricate elements in antique pieces, all of which tell a story."

Pratima and Prerna are committed to creating timeless pieces that celebrate one's personal story and elevate everyday beauty.

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