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Mariposa Designer Jewelry

Meet the Designer

Mariposa was founded in 2021 in Solana Beach, CA, by one of the industry's enduring designers Janna Jackson. Janna has over 20 years of designing and providing clients worldwide with stunning jewelry. Janna has a simple philosophy, "I live to make women feel cherished and treasured."

Janna Jackson_edited.jpg
Janna Jackson_edited_edited.jpg

Cherished Jewelry

Janna has a natural artists talent for design with extensive knowledge and connections to source the world's finest colored diamonds and precious gemstones to create your next bespoke heirloom. As a designer, she pours her heart into her work with one goal: her client's total satisfaction. "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."

Bespoke Agate Panorama and _edited.jpg

The Mariposa Brand

We are introducing Mariposa Fine Jewelry, a collection inspired by nature's transformative power and metamorphosis's beauty. Each piece in this line is crafted with care and attention to detail, using only the finest materials to ensure quality and longevity.

The designs capture the essence of transformation and evolution, offering a unique blend of elegance and natural beauty.

From delicate butterfly necklaces to stunning celestial earrings, Mariposa Fine Jewelry has something for everyone. The pieces are designed for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to wear a part of it wherever they go.


We invite you to explore the collection and discover the transformative power of Mariposa Fine Jewelry. All of the designs are imbued with love, passion, and prayer. They are more than bespoke heirlooms crafted with the finest gemstones and precious metals. They are holy tokens that radiate healing vibrations.

Diamond and Tourmaline Butterfly in 18KT.JPG
Bespoke Night Moth Sliced 3.34 CT Diamond Pendant Set in 18K Yellow Gold & Platinum Surrou
Happy Ankh Rockstar Ring.JPG
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