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Nicholas Kaufman Vice Pesident
Nicholas A. Kaufman, Vice President
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Benjamin P. Zagorski.

Senior Vice President of Legal and General Counsel

Meet The Team

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Sotiris Sigkounas, Graphic Design Team Leader 



Kaufman & Kaufman is dedicated to providing a personalized experience to our clients. With partnership locations across the U.S., our national footprint offers a VIP experience from coast to coast, including ordering, delivery, and storage. As a family-owned business, Kaufman & Kaufman delivers an unmatched passion for exceeding expectations through our professional concierge staff members and state-of-the-art facilities. 


For several reasons, a team environment is critical for Kaufman & Kaufman's client and business success. Here are some of the key reasons why.


1.    Kaufman & Kaufman is a family-owned and operated business.

2.    Collaboration: When our team works together, we can pool their knowledge, skills, and expertise to solve problems and achieve common goals. This collaboration can lead to more creative and innovative solutions and better decision-making. To deliver "Next Level" client experiences.

3.    Accountability: A team environment encourages individual responsibility for the team's success. Each team member has a role to play, and we are responsible for contributing to the team's performance. Creating a sense of ownership and motivation leads to higher productivity and achievement levels for our clients, "Next Level."

4.    Diversity of thought brings different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity of thinking can lead to more creative solutions and better decision-making. We can better anticipate and address various issues and challenges as a team.

5.    Support and motivation: Working in a team environment, we provide emotional support and encouragement for individual team members. When team members feel supported by their colleagues, we feel motivated, engaged, and committed to achieving the team's goal of delivering "Next Level" client experiences.

6.    Learning opportunities: Working in a team environment allows individual team members to learn from each other. As team members share their knowledge and expertise, they can develop new skills and gain new insights that can benefit both the individual and the team. As a result, we achieve our goal of delivering "Next Level" client experiences.

Overall, our team is the best in the business. Essential for our client's success because it fosters collaboration, accountability, diversity of thought, support and motivation, and learning opportunities. By working together as a team, we achieve more than we could individually, and our clients benefit from our collective efforts.

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