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1 oz. AVDP SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Round


We reached out to SilverTowne Mint and they were unable to tell us when they minted these rounds because they don't date them.




Grading #N/A
Grading ServiceN/A
Composition99.9% Copper
Diameter39 mm (1.54 in.) Thickness = 2.5 mm (0.098 in.)
Condition Attributes    Toning: Proof Mint State
Edges: Reeded
Surface: Proof Mint State


SKU: 07142020-19-05393-06778-1
  • 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Round

    Long considered one of the most beautiful coin designs in American history, the Buffalo Nickel was the first major American denomination to feature a design with an indigenous figure. The Buffalo Nickel design is replicated on countless items, including privately-issued copper rounds: today, 1 oz. SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Rounds are available to you online from Kaufman & Kaufman.

    Round Highlights:

    • Available in a plastic zip-lock bag, individually, or a tube of 20 rounds!
    • Recreates the appearance of the Buffalo Nickel!
    • Contains 1 oz. of AVDP .999 pure copper.
    • Stoic Native American on the obverse.
    • American bison on the reverse.

    The Buffalo Nickel coins were designed by James Earle Fraser in 1913. Fraser was commissioned by the United States Mint and Treasury Department in the early 1910s to create a new design for the US nickel. His five-cent piece design was approved by the Taft administration in 1913. It remained in production until 1938 and was eventually replaced by the modern Jefferson bust on the coin.

    All 1 oz. SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Rounds come to you in brand-new condition. The copper rounds from SilverTowne are packaged in plastic zip-lock bags for individual rounds or multiples of 20 rounds with a tube.

    A stoic Native American figure features the obverse side of the 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Round. Designed by Fraser, the indigenous figure is captured in right-profile relief with an inscription of Liberty off the nose of the portrait. At the bottom, near the braid that runs down the right side of his face, you will notice the SilverTowne pick-ax mint mark.

    The American bison is featured on the reverse of the SilverTowne Buffalo Copper Round. The largest land mammal in North America, the American bison was central to the culture and livelihood of indigenous tribes on the American Plains. The design featured here captures the bison in left-profile relief as it stands on a mound of dirt.

    Fraser's Buffalo Nickel design has been replicated on silver rounds and silver bars in recent years. Still, its most prominent modern use comes on the American Gold Buffalo coins from the United States Mint.

    SilverTowne is one of America's most prominent private mints. Founded by Leon Hendrickson in 1949 as a small coin shop, the company has grown into an impressive private mint and authorized dealer.

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