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10.10 Ct Natural Mozambique Blood Red Ruby GIE Certified Loose Gemstone


Gemstone Color: Red

Gemstone Type: Spinel

Cut Grade: Excellent

Certified: GIE Certification

Item Length: 12.76 mm

Item Depth: 7.23 mm

Item Width: 12.75 mm

Gemstone Cut: Round

Gemstone Creation: Natural

Gemstone Treatment: Clarity Enhanced

Gemstone Clarity: VVS1

Country/Region of Manufacture: Mozambique

Country of Origin: Mozambique


SKU: 03072023-01-09794-08739-2633
  • A "Natural Mozambique Blood Red Ruby GIE Certified Loose Gemstone" is a valuable and highly sought-after gemstone. Let's break down the key elements in this description:

    • "Natural": This indicates that the ruby has not been subjected to any artificial treatments or enhancements to alter its color or clarity. Natural rubies are typically more valuable and desirable than treated ones.

    • "Mozambique": This refers to the region or country of origin where the ruby was mined. Mozambique is known for producing high-quality rubies, and these rubies are often characterized by their vivid red color.

    • "Blood Red": "Blood red" is a term used to describe the color of the ruby. It suggests a deep, rich red hue, which is one of the most prized colors for rubies.

    • "Ruby": A ruby is a precious gemstone known for its red color. It is one of the four recognized precious gemstones, alongside diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.

    • "GIE Certified": This indicates that the gemstone has been certified by an independent gemological laboratory or organization. GIE (Gemological Institute of Europe) is one such entity that can provide certification for gemstones. A certified gemstone comes with a report that documents its quality, including factors like color, clarity, carat weight, and any treatments it may have undergone.

    • "Loose Gemstone": This means that the ruby is not set in any jewelry piece, such as a ring or a pendant. It is in its natural, unmounted state, and it can be set into a piece of jewelry of your choice.

    When purchasing a ruby or any other valuable gemstone, it's essential to ensure that it comes with proper certification to verify its authenticity and quality. Additionally, you may want to consider factors like size, cut, and clarity, as these characteristics also impact the value and appearance of the gemstone.

    Remember that if you're considering purchasing a ruby or any other gemstone, it's a good idea to buy from a reputable dealer like Kaufman & Kaufman, who can provide you with information about the gem's origin, characteristics, and any treatments it may have undergone.

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