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1955-D NGA Graded MS 69+ RD Lincoln Cent





Grading #:20230101.03.408461
Grading Service:NGA
Grade:Mint State 69+ Red
Composition:95% Copper 5% Tin or Zinc
Diameter:0.750 in. 19.05 mm
Condition Attributes:    Toning: Uncirculated Mint State
Edges: Uncirculated
Surface: Mint State

1955-D 1C MS 69+ RD

SKU: 01062023-20-09147-28006-280
  • We recently obtained these incredible coins in this ultra-rare impossible-to-find condition. The 1955-D Lincoln cent was minted in Denver. Appraising these wheat cents involves judging a few key areas. 1955 penny value is verified by three main factors: Date | Mint Mark | Condition Proceed through a step-by-step process of identifying each. Mint marks and condition are key to 1955 cents. Collectors seek higher condition examples to add to sets. Premiums begin to rise quickly for the scarce varieties. Three mints struck 1955 pennies, creating three varies to identify. Part of the second era of the wheat series (1909 to 1958), these are sought by experienced and beginner collectors. A special situation occurred in 1955 when announced San Francisco was directed to other duties and was the last year of coining operations. "S" mint coins were quickly removed from circulation in anticipation of scarcity as a collectible. 1955-D penny variety is Abundant on the rarity scale. Denver contributed the largest amount to the year's production. Striking 563,257,550 cents. Above-average quality examples are favored by collectors. Ample supplies are available, giving collectors an opportunity to search for lightly circulated or better coins. Of special interest are those pieces with strong lettering on the reverse. Examine for completeness of letters along the rim and note the strength of ONE CENT. All details fully raised from the field are of higher quality. Uncirculated Grade: A mint state - uncirculated coin is separated from all others by one critical factor. No wear to the surface has taken place. Helping judge this grade is luster remaining on the high points of the design. Inspect Lincoln's cheek and jaw lines. These areas are prone to wear and if any delicate luster is removed a smoothing effect leaves a dullness to the metal. Compare the ridge lines of the cheek and jaw to surrounding areas to see the difference in texture. The 1955 penny remains bright with luster, a helpful advantage in seeing fine grains to a surface without wear.

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