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23.6 CT Natural "Incredibly spectacular" padparadscha sapphire certified loose gemstone oval cut. We are blessed to have such a rare gemstone. This sapphire is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a gem of this size and quality.


Gemstone Color: Padparadscha

Gemstone Type: Padparadscha Sapphire

Cut Grade: Excellent

Certified: GIE Certification

Item Length: 19.16 mm

Item Depth: 8.87 mm

Item Width: 15.1 mm

Gemstone Cut: Oval

Gemstone Creation: Natural

Gemstone Treatment: Not Enhanced

Gemstone Clarity: VVS1

GIE Certified Gemstone

Country/Region of Manufacture: India

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka


SKU: 02042023-01-09668-58820-2-4081
  • Padparadscha is the rarest variety of sapphires found in Sri Lanka. It’s the rarest and most prized form of sapphire. The Name is the Sinhalese word "padma radschen,” meaning lotus blossom, as the stone color is similar to the lotus blossom.


    This is the single largest ultra-fine quality padparadscha sapphire we have ever seen. This is a spectacularly enormous stone. The clarity is flawless, and the cutting is excellent. This unimaginably rare gemstone is beautifully cut to maximize its glorious color: Tones of orange and pink melting into a union that gives padparadscha its name. In Singhalese, padparadscha means “lotus blossom.” Tell someone you saw a flawlessly clean, almost 20 CT Ceylon padparadscha; they won't believe you! Did you know that Padparadschas are rarely seen over 5 CTS  - a 10 CT is considered impossible? Want a 20ct blue sapphire? There are hundreds of options if you look around. Want another 23+CT flawless Padparadscha...i-m-p-o-s-s-b-i-l-e. The sun will shine from the hand on which this gem rests; it is a privilege to see this museum piece. Only serious inquiries, please. 


    The price of large untreated specimens of this hue reaches tens of thousands of dollars for one carat. Access to such samples is usually closed. We are offered these gems only because of our close partner in Sri Lanka, a dealer-conductor to the market of large-size sapphires. Our company has such access and can select sapphires of any color with excellent investment potential. This is an investment-grade jewel.

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