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Natural Bi-Color Ametrine 83.44 CT Cushion Cut Gemstone


Gemstone Color: Bi-Color/Multicolor

Gemstone Type: Ametrine

Certification: OMGTL Certificate

Cut Grade: Excellent

Item Length: 29.7 mm

Item Depth: 16.3 mm

Item Width: 25 mm

Gemstone Cut: Oval

Gemstone Creation: Natural

Gemstone Treatment: Not Enhanced

Gemstone Clarity: Flawless

Country/Region of Manufacture: India

Country of Origin: Bolivia


SKU: 02062023-05-09680-18875-2-4006
  • Simply a stunning gemstone. The intense royal purple color and  citrine yellow along with size of this Ametrine place it in a stand-alone category. The spectacular gemstone speaks for itself.

    Amethyst is a purple quartz. Citrine is a yellow quartz. Quartz that displays bands of both purple and yellow is known as ametrine. Gem-quality ametrine is sourced from only a single site in Bolivia. Emerald cuts and fantasy carvings are popular ways to showcase the dramatic color zoning in this very durable gemstone.This is an investment-grade jewel.

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