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These exquisitely crafted bee cufflinks utilize Austria Crystals to achieve highly detailed pieces of art in these handmade cufflinks. The bee cufflinks are layered in heavy 18K gold to ensure years of durability. The artisans and craftsmanship are truly world-class.


The cufflinks measure 2.1 cm x 2.1 cm and are delivered in a solid mahogany wood LED lite jewelry box with a black leatherette interior. The LED light makes for magical moments while brightening the bee cufflinks, and they buzz to life. But these bees won't sting. They are sure to deliver honey indeed! They make a perfect gift for the gentleman beekeeper or the gentlemen with discerning tastes.


These stunning cufflinks were produced in very limited quantities, and we are fortunate to offer these exclusive pieces of art you can wear daily.



SKU: 02102023-8162173119390600-1481
  • Austrian crystal is handmade using a technique traditionally known for cutting hand-blown glass. Austria leads the world in the production of precision-cut crystals.

    Austrian crystals are man-made and manufactured in Austria. They are best described as precision-cut, beautiful, high-quality lead glass crystals. In sunlight, they sparkle like crazy. Brilliant, lead-free, and superior to rhinestones and any other crystal on the market today.

    Austria is home to one of the most prestigious manufacturers of fine-cut crystal. As a result, the country itself is now synonymous with the crystal of pristine, innovative, and unmatched quality. The innovative manufacturing methods add brilliance and enhance light return and fire. They are fine crystal glass made by Swarovski in Austria.

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