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Tiffany & Co.

The World of Tiffany

Every story has a beginning. Discover how Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 and evolved into a luxury House renowned worldwide for extraordinary jewels, relentless innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

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A Legacy of Gemstone Discovery

Charles Lewis Tiffany and his gemologists were among the first to travel the globe seeking rare and unusual gemstones. Their pioneering exploration unearthed never-before-seen stones of exceptional color and quality. This passion for showcasing the most extraordinary gemstones continues to fuel Tiffany & Co. today. 

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A New Dawn

Before the mid-19th century, colored gemstones were seldom used in American jewelry. However, this changed in 1876 when gemologist Dr. George Frederick Kunz joined Tiffany and embarked on a lifelong quest for the world’s most extraordinary gemstones. Kunz played a critical role in discovering new specimens, including his eponymous stone kunzite in 1902 and morganite in 1910. 

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