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Discover Extraordinary Exquisite Assets to Enrich Your Life


Kaufman & Kaufman is the premier online marketplace for exceptional hard assets. We believe distinction and beauty are not an expense but an investment. With an unmatched investing experience and extraordinary concierge services, our website and mobile app are the premier destinations for discerning and sophisticated collectors worldwide.


By showcasing thousands of the world's finest and exclusive assets from over 50 countries specializing in antique furniture, fine art, exquisite jewelry, rare precious metal coins, vintage baseball and sports cards, and collectibles, our global e-commerce platform offers treasures for investors seeking beautiful, extraordinary items in the world.


We select only the finest and most prestigious partners and bring their merchandise to our highly targeted worldwide audience. We serve an exclusive clientele, those wanting the finest treasures, while providing stellar client services second to no other online experience. Please take a moment to provide us with some pre-qualifying information to gain access and start exploring and investing.

Kaufman & Kaufman is trusted by clients worldwide. Below are a few of our trusted partners.
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